Rev.Eddie Davis
Outreach Ministry Director
                                                          BAPTIST STUDENT UNION                                                    
                                                 Located at Langston University Langston,Oklahoma.
                              Where as Baptist we have a chance to create and premeate the University Campus with Christian involvment.The BSU is owned and operated by the Oklahoma Missionary Baptist State Convention.The BSU minister to students who are attending Langston University,the only Historical Black University in the State of Oklahoma.It is a great asset to to the University.


OBSR is a Bible College that exists for the primary purpose of preparing students for the Christian Ministry. This Mission is accomplished in the College through a program of Biblical studies  which fosters the doctrinal and ecclesiastrical heritage represented,by Bible  believing Churches which hold to the fundamental of the faith. Sound preparation for the Christian Ministry requires not only a knowledge of biblical truth ; but also the development of strong spiritual dynamics and a vision for sharing ones faith.                                          

                                                   CAMP BURGE

                                          A place that does provide WORSHIP Experience,RECREATION and other spiritual activities. The camp is available for District and State activities.   TAKE YOUR YOUTH TO CAMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sis. Elizabeth Williams                    
      Director of Mission