Dr. C. W. Whitlow
State President
Emphasis 2017 Evangelism Matthew 5:13-15, 1 Peter 3:15 view details

President Emeritus Dr. G Calvin McCutchen
President Emeritus

Rev. Willie Tiller
Vice President At-Large

Rev. Anthony Scott
1st Vice President

Rev. Ray Douglas
2nd Vice President

Dr. Burnis Burrell, JR.
Executive Secretary/Treasurer

Dr. Larry Smith
Director of Moderators

Dr. Namon Melvin
Chairman Evangelistic

Sis. Bonnie Collier
Recording Secretary

Rev. Hersey L. Hammons
Director of Music

Dr. James Tucker
Devotional Leader

Sis. Rhonda Proutt

Mrs. Marcene Mackey
President Women's Aux.

Sis. Bettye Gaines
Vice President At Large

Sis. Bobbye Littlejohn
1st Vice President

Sis. Martha Perkins
Second Vice President

Sis Johnneese Walter
Administrative Secretary

Rev. Darnell Wagner
President Pastor/Ministers Conf.

Sis. LaTricia Woodfork
President Minister's Wives/Widows

Bro. Leslie Kendrick
President Laymen

Sis. Lori Stern
President Ushers

Rev. Don Dumas
President Congress of Christian Education

Dr. Alfred Baldwin
Dean/St. Director Christian Education

Dr. Wilmer Cooper
OMBSC Director of Christian Educations Institutes

Rev. Eddie Davis
Director Outreach Ministry

Sis. Elizabeth Williams
Home & Foreign Mission

Sis. Donna Thompson
Director Prison Ministry

Rev. Michael Eaton
Director Faith Base Initiative

Sis. Kimberly Eaton
Editor New Baptist Herald